Our Journey ahead

We have talked about philosophers and their various philosophies about god, purpose and even death. Now, I wish to move onto the second phase of these blogs where I want to elaborate more on the unconventional philosophies and theories that I have my inclination towards. I know that the blogs from now on might haveContinue reading “Our Journey ahead”

The five proofs of God’s Existence – Argument 4

The Fourth Way: Argument from Gradation of Being This one is built on the idea that we simply need a measuring stick in order to understand the value of things. Good/bad, big/small, hot/cold – none of these concepts can exist in isolation. If you go out for a walk and you see an animal, andContinue reading “The five proofs of God’s Existence – Argument 4”

The five proofs of God’s Existence – Cosmological Argument

To continue our previous topic of philosophers trying to prove the existence of God, we should also talk about Thomas Aquinas, who gave one of the most popular philosophies when it comes to discussing God. Anselm’s argument was considered weak by many. So just like others, Aquinas dismissed it. But to dismiss it, he knewContinue reading “The five proofs of God’s Existence – Cosmological Argument”

God or No God

We all have had that argument before where we have questioned the existence of God. Whether he exists? Is he the creator of all? Or What if there is no God? The big bang theory? However, when it comes to philosophy, Philosophers believe in something that has an argument something that has facts. Philosophers takeContinue reading “God or No God”

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