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Our Journey ahead

We have talked about philosophers and their various philosophies about god, purpose and even death. Now, I wish to move onto the second phase of these blogs where I want to elaborate more on the unconventional philosophies and theories that I have my inclination towards. I know that the blogs from now on might haveContinue reading “Our Journey ahead”

The concept of Death in 21st Century

Now, the 21st century has its own perceptions of death. And one might be best described as a kind of philosophical FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) Contemporary American philosopher Thomas Nagel points out that some people dread death because they’ll miss out on things that they want to encounter. If you were to die rightContinue reading “The concept of Death in 21st Century”

Are You afraid to die?

When it comes to death, philosophers, non-philosophers, we all stand on the same page. As there is nothing to know about it. There are no specialists on death, not even those studying the concept of death are ahead than the rest of us. We are all equals in thinking about death, and we all beginContinue reading “Are You afraid to die?”

Why Evil?

One of the most persistent challenges to god’s existence is also the root of one of the most-asked, but least answerable, questions that we, as thinking beings, face. Why does evil exist? So, if there’s really an all-knowing God out there, he knows about all the evil. He might even know about it before itContinue reading “Why Evil?”

The five proofs of God’s Existence – The Teleological Argument

Just when you thought Aquinas must have been tired with his arguments, youfind there was a fifth argument. And it was popularized several hundred yearsafter his time — in the late 1700s, by the English Christian philosopherWilliam Paley. And this argument for God’s existence is still around today,too. In fact, it’s one of the mostContinue reading “The five proofs of God’s Existence – The Teleological Argument”

The five proofs of God’s Existence – Cosmological Argument

To continue our previous topic of philosophers trying to prove the existence of God, we should also talk about Thomas Aquinas, who gave one of the most popular philosophies when it comes to discussing God. Anselm’s argument was considered weak by many. So just like others, Aquinas dismissed it. But to dismiss it, he knewContinue reading “The five proofs of God’s Existence – Cosmological Argument”