The five proofs of God’s Existence – The Teleological Argument

Just when you thought Aquinas must have been tired with his arguments, youfind there was a fifth argument. And it was popularized several hundred yearsafter his time — in the late 1700s, by the English Christian philosopherWilliam Paley. And this argument for God’s existence is still around today,too. In fact, it’s one of the mostContinue reading “The five proofs of God’s Existence – The Teleological Argument”

Why are we here?

Purpose of Life  Haven’t we all wondered what our purpose in life is? We all want to have a sense of meaning in our lives, something that defines our purpose to be born. Is it to get that million-dollar house you have been eyeing on? To become the CEO of some corporate house? Or for some is it more abstract? To find love? To connect with God? What is it? Every human craves or needs aContinue reading “Why are we here?”

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